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How do our Japanese and Thai law offices work together to offer support?

  • We will complete the necessary work needed to incorporate a limited company without hindering the general operations of your overseas business, while maintaining legal compliance.
  • In addition to explaining functions of overseas representative offices and the procedures necessary for establishing these offices, we will also manage dealings with relevant officials as your representative.
  • We will explain Board of Investment (BOI) business status, and the application procedures, as well as help you manage dealings with relevant officials.
  • We will research laws applicable to your overseas venture to keep you on the right side of relevant commercial and labor laws as well as import and distribution regulations and practices in Thailand.
  • We will represent you for necessary work permits and visa applications for employees of your overseas subsidiaries.
  • In order to minimize potential risks of your overseas business, our firm can draft joint venture and other key agreements in Japanese, English, and/or Thai.
  • Our firm provides consultation on labor matters, including inevitable issues concerning dismissal, disciplinary action, and wages, as well as the creation of work regulations for your overseas subsidiaries.
  • Action can and should be taken in Thailand for non-payment pertaining to products or services provided by your overseas subsidiaries.
  • As one of the choice to withdraw the investment from Thailand, there are some cases of filing for bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation procedure in Thailand. We can provide legal advice for those cases as well as voluntary liquidation proceedings.
  • M&A and restructuring services
  • Three possible types of corporations in Thailand
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