Business Areas

Quality legal services based on our long-standing legal expertise

  • We represent clients for various lawsuits, including those for damages and collection of outstanding debt.
  • Our firm provides consultation services related to corporate law proceedings.
  • We provide legal consultation services for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation procedures and/or related matters.
  • We provide consultation services on management and infringement resolution of copyright and trademark rights, as well as intellectual property related dispute matters.
  • We provide consultation services related to retirement, remuneration, and labor-related disputes.
  • Our firm provides consultation services on unfair trade law, subcontracting law, and regulations against unjustifiable premiums and misleading representation.
  • We draft software and know-how licensing, non-disclosure, import/export, agency, dealer, and various other agreements. In addition, we review and propose amendments to your drafting contractual documents.
  • We provide legal advice and represent clients for necessary procedures related to corporate takeovers and restructuring.
  • Three possible types of corporations in Thailand
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