Strengths and specialties of our firm

Strengths and specialties of our firm

1.Our firm offers legal and liaison services, allowing your head office and overseas subsidiaries to communicate and exchange information smoothly.

The majority of businesses venturing into Thailand have their head office located in another country. A head office typically wants its overseas subsidiaries to be a reflection of itself. However, companies are often faced with the inability to give the right directions to subsidiaries when information regarding local laws and operations is insufficient.

Alternately, the subsidiary itself may face the problem that without knowledge of laws, systems, and customs, it is unable to provide convincing reports and may find itself mistrusted by the head office.

We are proud to say that, with twin offices in Tokyo and Bangkok, and experts in residence in both of these offices, we can provide services to help smooth communication and information exchange between your overseas subsidiaries and head office.

2.We provide accurate information, compare Japanese and Thai laws and offer speed of execution similar to that found in Japan.

When receiving legal consultation services within Thailand, information relating to Thai law may be readily available. However, a purely local firm will seldom be able to make comparisons to international law in its explanations. Information may also be provided without differentiation between the provisions of law and other common rules. It is almost always difficult to decide which information is relevant with the kind of accuracy normally expected in other countries. In many cases, the speed with which information is provided may also be lacking from an international perspective. Extreme cases have been noted in which legal action has been launched with the next appointed day set for a year later.

To guarantee accuracy of information, comparison with Japanese law, and speed, we have Japanese lawyers situated in our Bangkok offices providing management to bring these items in line with Japanese standards.

3.Cost performance

When using a domestic law firm for a Thai legal project, often the domestic law firm will subcontract the work to an associated local Thai law firm. In this case, expenses are incurred at both the domestic and Thai law firms, which can be very expensive. We are one single law firm with offices in Thailand and Japan. As a single entity, we are able to keep costs to a minimum and provide the most efficient performance.

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