Business Areas

How do our Japanese and Thai law  offices work together to offer support?
Incorporation procedures
Establishment of representative offices
Establishment of BOI business
Research of applicable laws
Drafting of joint venture and other key  agreements
Drafting of joint venture and other key  agreements
Consultation on labor matters
Debt collection
Liquidation proceedings
M&A and restructuring services
Providing legal services based  on a wealth of experience
Corporate law
Bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation  procedures
Intellectual property rights
Labor law
Antitrust law
Draft and review of various  agreements including English  versions
M&A and restructuring services

Three possible configurations for overseas enterprises in Thailand

  1. Incorporation of a limited company

    This is the establishment of a limited company under Thai civil-commercial law. If the majority of capital is held locally, there are no set limits for operations. For this reason, many businesses choose this option.

  2. Establishment of a representative office

    The representative office is used primarily to gather information locally, and is not able to conduct corporate business. It is used as a preliminary step to overseas expansion.

  3. Establishment of a BOI company

    In accordance with the Investment Promotion Act, companies are entitled to certain recognized benefits. Though accepted business activities are limited, operation under 100% foreign investment, preferential tax treatment, and other benefits are allowed.

  • Three possible  configurations for overseas  enterprises in Thailand

Delegate lawyer Shigefumi Nishizawa

Delegate lawyer Shigefumi NishizawaShigefumi Nishizawa is one of the few attorneys who has many years of experience as a lawyer in Japan and received a master's degree in law from Chulalongkom University in Thailand. More

Thai Licensed Lawyer Udomchai Leesin

Thai Licensed Lawyer Udomchai LeesinUdomchai Leesin is an expert of laws related to corporations, and has experience gained through working for multiple Japanese clients through a number of international law firms. More

Thai Licensed Lawyer Chatchawarn Phanyothin

Thai Licensed Lawyer Udomchai LeesinChatchawarn Phanyothin is responsible for litigation section of our firm. He has experiences in civil and criminal cases. Also, he has experiences in various matters of corporate, labor, contracts, legal compliance. He has good English. More

lawyer Yoichi Kamio

Delegate lawyer Shigefumi NishizawaYoichi Kamio appropriately and promptly leads your project to finalize with his accomplished footwork and foresight from his experiences. In addition, he is learning Asian business including Indonesian or Thai business. More

Thai Licensed Lawyer Kanjana Mongkhonsawat

Thai Licensed Lawyer Kanjana MongkhonsawatThai Licensed Lawyer, she is responsible for various registration. Establishment of Thai companies, Visa & work permit matter, Tax submission matter. She has good knowledge of English. More

Thai Licensed Lawyer Miss Vipatchrada Taraga

Thai Licensed Lawyer  Miss Vipatchrada TaragaThai Licensed Lawyer, she is responsible for laws research, contracts, general practice, establishment of Thai foundation. She has good knowledge of English. More

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